Kristian Hay

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Hey there! I’m a graphic designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

I specialize in art direction, brand development and, visual design - whether that be print or digital. Inspired by the unknown. I'm 1/3 of a boutique design studio called ZAK.

When I’m not working, I’m usually watching hockey, eating piles of food, or taking photos. Probably all of them at once. Always looking for new opportunities and creative endeavors.

Work Experience

Art School → Jr. Designer @ MAKe  → Jr. Designer @ Opacity → Freelance  → Jr. Designer @ Canucks → Sr. Designer @ Native Shoes → Co-Founder @ ZAK


Brand Identity & Development / Brand Strategy / Naming / Art Direction / Creative Direction / Packaging / Print Design / Editorial Design / Web Design

Highly Recommended

Zia Somjee / Arvin Paelmo / Michelle Leggatt / Caleb Lam / Kyle Hay / Justin Rellinger / Mark Bulford / Brock Mackay / Shun Kinoshita / Christopher Bradford

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